I love the brand! If I love something, I can transmit it and show it through my emotions. This makes it so easy to sell their items.

Milagros Benitez León , Anil Home

What can we offer?

Our main purpose in the retail industry is creating a profitable partnership with retailers and multi-brand stores from all around the world. What we offer are balanced interior collections with a clear identity to attract your customer. Every year, we launch three collections which offers you the possibility to renew your selection of items and continue to appeal new and returning customers. Next to our wide range of products, we offer support in terms of design, visual merchandising, training of the sales personnel and marketing. Our digital tools like our webshop and 3D files offer the retailer the chance to transform into a real interior designer and advisor.

Different solutions are available, all with a variety of advantages:

Shopconcept 60m² – 120m²
Shopconcept 120m² and more

Some Of Our work

  • Charoensup – Bangkok, Thailand
  • KaDeWe – Berlin, Germany
  • Gréaume - Normandy, France
  • Alsterhaus – Hamburg, Germany
  • Villa Wesco – Mallorca, Spain
  • Grutman Home Decor – Hasselt, Belgium
  • Slots Decoration - Spiere-Helkijn, Belgium
  • Kobalt – Bruges, Belgium
  • Anil Home Trends – Marbella
  • Six Bond Street – Oslo, Noorwegen
  • Dôme Deco Savoie – Tournon, France
  • Ujoin – China
  • Yueting – Taiwan
  • Xtra – Singapore
  • Englesson – Sweden
  • Sensoria – Mauritius
  • Grandeux - Antwerp, Belgium

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