Reseller Terms & Conditions

1. Applicability of these terms

1.1 These terms (Terms) are applicable to all agreements between Eurofashion Homeconcepts BVBA, (hereinafter named as the brand: “Dôme Deco”) and a customer (Reseller) whereby the Reseller purchases products from Dôme Deco (DÔME DECO-products).

1.2 The Reseller is responsible for ensuring that these Terms are followed (mutatis mutandis) by all third parties engaged in the resale of DÔME DECO products.

1.3 The Reseller agrees that these Terms (mutatis mutandis) apply to its professional customers who purchase DÔME DECO products, and that these customers will agree to the same with their professional customers, and so on.

2. Presentation

2.1 The Reseller only offers DÔME DECO products and images in environments (physical or digital) that are consistent with the brand’s high standards for quality, design, and exclusivity.

2.2 The Reseller must refrain from encouraging the sale of DÔME DECO products in a way that might be detrimental to the company’s reputation or image.

2.3 No discounts or low prices for DÔME DECO products are advertised through peculiar expressions (such as brightly colored advertising notices).

3. Use of Trademarks

3.1 DÔME DECO’s trademarks include the brand name DÔME DECO and the DÔME DECO logo, which are both internationally protected.

3.2 The Reseller will refrain from using the DÔME DECO trademarks in a manner that might damage their reputation or distinctiveness.

3.3 The Reseller is permitted to use the DÔME DECO trademarks in advertising for DÔME DECO products and in a list of the brands he sells.

3.4 DÔME DECO trademarks may only be used in conjunction with “dealer” or “point of sale” in advertisements. The proportion of display of the DÔME DECO trademarks must follow accepted market practices.

3.5 The brand name DÔME DECO may not be used by the Reseller in an AdWord.

4. Use of Images

4.1 The product photos (Product Photos) and photos with style impressions (Style Impressions) that Dôme Deco uses in its advertising and on its website are protected by copyright.

4.2 The Reseller may only use product images of items that he currently has in stock in his promotional materials. Product images of items that DÔME DECO no longer sells for more than one season may not be used.

4.3 DÔME DECO creates Style Impressions collections on a seasonal basis. The Reseller may only show up to five Style Impressions at once on its website and in a print edition, and only Style Impressions from one such collection.

4.4 If the Reseller wants to use Product or Style Impressions in another way than is permitted in these Terms, he may only do so upon written permission by DÔME DECO.

4.5 Written credits for images should be mentioned as “© Dôme Deco”. This is obliged for all marketing materials and pictures shared on the reseller’s social media channels and the website.

5. Website Reseller

5.1 The amount of DÔME DECO trademarks and DÔME DECO products displayed on the Reseller’s website(s) (Website) must be proportional to the products’ current sales volume.

5.2 Dôme Deco reserves the right to determine in its sole discretion whether the use of DÔME DECO’s trademarks, product photos, style impressions, and other expressions leads to visitor confusion about the Website’s identity.

5.3 To eliminate any doubt regarding the identity of the website’s owner, the Reseller’s identity must always be prominently displayed on its website.

5.4 Landing pages must be made in accordance with the Reseller’s standard layout in terms of style.

5.5 It is prohibited to link to a page on the website using the DÔME DECO trademarks when the sale of non-Dôme Deco products is (also) being promoted on that page.

5.6 Deep links to the DÔME DECO website are permitted. Framed links to the Dôme Deco website are acceptable, barring any express communication from Dôme Deco to the dealer to the contrary. “Home” buttons might only take users to the website’s home page.

5.7 The name Dôme Deco may not be used in a domain name. Only with written permission from DÔME DECO is it permitted to use a specific subpage with the name “Dôme Deco.”

6. Remedies

6.1 As long as a Reseller is breaking these Terms, he is not allowed to offer or sell DÔME DECO products.

6.2 When a Reseller violates these Terms, DÔME DECO has the right to stop providing services to that Reseller.

6.3 The Reseller acknowledges that all claims (direct or indirect) connected to (the subject of) these Terms will be heard by Belgian courts.

7. Adaptations to these Terms

7.1 DÔME DECO holds the authority to modify these Terms.

7.2 As soon as the Reseller learns that the Terms have changed, he is required to sell and advertise DÔME DECO -products in accordance with the most recent version of the Terms.

7.2 As soon as the Reseller learns that the Terms have changed, he is required to sell and advertise DÔME DECO -products in accordance with the most recent version of the Terms.

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