This was our June Homeshow 2024

From 2-4 & 9-11 of June, we opened our doors for all interior enthusiasts to explore the latest additions to our collection. Two weekends, filled with happy faces, inspiring talks, interesting seminars, good food, and an extraordinary Sunset Soirée.

Read more about our Homeshow and the Awaken novelties.

Last November we introduced our Awaken collection for 2024. Central to this collection are soft and soothing hues, organic contours that provide dynamic comfort, and the power of natural resources coming to the fore. With our June Homeshow, we welcomed a wide range of novelties, carefully curated to strengthen the collection. Each product is an added value with a strong cosmopolitan identity, from sofas and furniture to accessories and lighting.

Innovative designs and sophisticated finishings bring refined products with new materials such as travertines, textiles, suede, and leather. For example, red travertine was introduced among the current range to add some eye-catching accessories. Speaking of accessories, many more novelties were added to this category. You can discover them all on our webshop.

We think it’s important that people experience the full cosmopolitan vibe while visiting our showroom. Therefore everyone could enjoy some refined foods and tasty cocktails, join us for a Sunset Soirée, and follow several eye-opening seminars during the day, including the Designer Insights of Gilles Knaepen. A Belgian designer whose creative vision has shaped some of our standout pieces over the years. An exclusive look behind the process from concept to creation.

Looking back with great fulfillment and our heads full of inspiration, we’re already excited for what’s coming next.

Seek inspiration within the cosmopolitan lifestyle, and step into a haven of refined, intimate, and warm interior design.