Thanks to our Dôme Deco interior,
our restaurant offers so much more than only delicious food.
People come to enjoy the full experience.
The interior immerses you in a unique culinary world.

What can we offer?

We live in an era in which the harmony of the food and the interior of a restaurant is more important than ever. With our Dôme Deco interiors, we merge all elements into one experience that is unique to your customers. Our comprehensive approach allows us to create a strong identity for your business, aligning all elements from furniture to lighting and decoration. We do not solely assist you via our wide product range; Dôme Deco offers assistance in interior design, visual merchandising and product development. We have a team of creative professionals, going from architects to visual merchandisers. Our team of experts travels around the world and develops your concept from A to Z based on your budget, needs and requirements.

Some Of Our work

  • Saint Guidon RSCA – Anderlecht, Belgium
  • Oscuro – Dilsen-Stokkem, Belgium
  • Dinner on the Lake – Maasmechelen, Belgium
  • Villa 9 Trois – Montreuil, France
  • Grandeux - Antwerp, Belgium
  • La Butte Aux Bois – Lanaken, Belgium
  • Kasteel Blauwhuis - Izegem, Belgium

Dôme Deco & KRC Genk