Our Dôme Deco interior allows us to offer our clients a unique experience they won’t easily find somewhere else.
Rather than focusing on separate items, they design rooms in which everything looks totally custom-made just for that space.

What can we offer?

Hospitality is all about the overall experience. Our brand offers a complete solution for your hotel or B&B project. Submerge your clients in the conceptual world of your project with a full Dôme Deco decor. Our comprehensive solution gives you the opportunity to cut down on time and costs and to decorate your rooms, lobby etc. with a clear identity that will be remarkable for your customer.

Our experienced team of architects and stylists translate your desires into a customized design via a detailed floorplan in 2D or 3D. To ensure the best end-result possible, our stylists will fully style your project into the cosmopolitan interior setting you wish for.